Data Analysis

From health and wellness studies to educational to educational surveys and beyond, data is an integral part of creating solutions to global health problems. At Global Health Collaboratory, transform your data into clear, concise and useful information that can be used in all areas of your business. Our team of expert data analysts bring decades of expertise from a broad spectrum of specialties, including temporal and link data. Find answers to existing questions or problems and discover new perspectives to an issue you may have not discovered.

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All-In-One Reporting

Our reports give you the necessary evidence to guide your policies, decision making, and developing a framework for your future. We package your results in a convenient, easy-to-read report that will provide a framework to meet your needs.


A Solution For Everyone

We work with a broad range of individuals, including decision makers, administrators, and organizations. You too can have your data translated into relevant, practical information that can be used to transform your practice.

Clean up and validation, creation of presentation materials – no matter what your needs are, our comprehensive data services are easily tailored to your specific needs.

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