Decision Making

Insurance agent with a doctor handshaking

Often, organizations end-up working in a reactive mode, rather than taking a proactive approach when problems and critical decisions need to be made. At Global Health Collaboratory, we help our clients by focusing on the key areas that improve their decision making habits across the entire organization. From implementing logical techniques to determining which operational decisions are being made at a certain level, we help organizations who may be hindered by limited organizational capacity or other factors.

Through the use of case studies, we guide organizations by developing questions your team will investigate leading to the development of policies and procedures that will be translated into action within your organization.

Global Health Collaboratory provides workshops in practice based decision making, which will train your workforce to make more practical decisions in a multisectorial environment. During a workshop, you will receive hand-on training for:

  • Question development
  • Examining literature
  • Data collection
  • Searching databases
  • Data analysis
  • Data interpretation and reporting
  • Translating your data into action

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